Ackermann’s children


Ackermann’s first child, Johan Christoffer, was born in September of 1675, five months after the marriage of his parents. Ackermann’s second child, Maria Elisabeth, was christened in St. Olev’s congregation in 1677. When Regina Elisabeth was born in April of 1680, the family already lived in Toompea, and the child was christened in Tallinn’s Cathedral. All their subsequent children were also christened in Tallinn’s Cathedral.

Ten children were born to the family. The last of them were the twins Johan Magnus and Judith, who were born in 1694. At least two of their children are known to have died. It is not known how many children Ackermann’s family succeeded in raising. We find Maria Elisabeth (born in 1677), Christian (born in 1684), Gustav (born in 1686), and Johan Magnus (born in 1694). Additionally, we find Friedrich Wilhelm in the sources as having been associated with Ackermann’s family. He might perhaps have been a child born to them in 1681 whose name was not recorded in the church’s birth registry.

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