3D Documentation

3D documentation is a method in which a physical object is converted into a point cloud in the initial phase of data collection using, for instance, laser scanning or photogrammetry. A digital 3D model can later be created out of such a point cloud. In the course of the current project, we primarily used photogrammetry to collect the 3D data. The object’s dimensions, shape and position, i.e. coordinates, can be determined on the basis of the results, including storing the most minute differences in the surface texture of the work of art.

In combination with other data, contemporary 3D methods of documentation contribute significantly to carry out research and to better preserve and present information concerning a work of art. Thus it is possible to precisely map out on a 3D model data, such as the results of instrumental analysis, underdrawings, overpaintings, information associated with dendrochronology etc.

4 years ago