Renovation of the pulpit


The sloppy joint connecting the pulpit’s corpus to the stair balustrade that disfigures the pulpit’s corpus and figures, and many other details indicate that the pulpit was relocated in the church. The pulpit could originally have been situated either on the southern side of the church nave, or on the northern side of the chancel arch. In the latter case, the staircase would have had to start from the chancel. The relocation of the pulpit was evidently connected to the completion of the new retable in 1787. Figures from the pulpit were most likely used to decorate the new retable: the statues of John the Evangelist, who received a new, very clumsy hand in place of his lost hand, and Matthew the Evangelist, whose head had been repaired after part of it had been lost, were lifted up onto the retable’s cornice: Christ the Invincible, who had previously crowned the pulpit’s sounding board, was placed between them, and in turn an angel that had originally stood at the edge of the sounding board was lifted to the spot where Christ formerly crowned the sounding board.

6 years ago