Apostel Paulus ENG (KaruseKantsel)

Paul is the best known of the disciples of Jesus thanks to the gospel of St. Luke and Paul’s 13 letters in the New Testament. Before experiencing a revelation – being blinded by heavenly light and hearing the voice of Jesus – and his religious conversion, having himself baptised and regaining his sight, Paul’s name was Saul and he was known as a persecutor of Christians.

Thereafter Paul joined the other disciples of Jesus and he became the greatest missionary of the Christian faith. Along with the Apostle Peter, Paul is considered the actual founder of the Christian Church. Although he was not among the 12 closest disciples of Jesus, he is referred to as an apostle precisely because of his role in founding the Church.

The attributes of Paul, who died a martyr’s death, are a sword, with which his head was cut off, and a book containing his letters.

The feast day of the saints Peter and Paul is 29 June in the folk calendar.

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