Ackermann’s sculptures in Vigala Church


The angels holding the Instruments of Christ’s Passion standing on the pulpit’s sounding board in Vigala Church are depicted as winged naked puttos. The first putto from the left holds a sponge impaled on the end of a spear, which was dipped in vinegar go give it to Jesus to drink on the cross. The second putto holds a cross and a hammer. The third putto holds a ladder and three nails. The putto closest to the altar holds a scourging pillar, to which Christ was tied when he was scourged on the orders of Pontius Pilate.

Ackermann carved the Passion angels mounted on the pulpit’s sounding board himself. The puttos with child’s bodies and faces are lifelike in his treatment and are clearly recognisable as being Ackermann-like. He did not have to search far to find models for them – he had 10 children in his own family after all.

3 years ago