The Vigala pulpit in 1992 and 2005


The polychromatic colouring of 1888 survived until 2005, when it was repainted once again in the course of the renovation of the church’s interior without consulting the Estonian Heritage Board. Only the sculptures of the corpus, the statue of Christ the Invincible, and the shield of Marie von Plater’s coat-of-arms were not repainted.

In 2005–2006, AS KARgrupp examined the polychromy on site and the Kanut Conservation and Digitisation Centre conducted laboratory examinations of the paint layers. The stratigraphy and paint types of the pulpit’s paint layers were ascertained in the course of these examinations. It became evident that the paint applied in 2005 was an oil alkyl type paint. Its removal is admittedly appreciably possible, yet it is complicated and very time-consuming work.

2 years ago