Employment contract concluded with Londicer


Excerpt of the order presented to Londicer. EAA. f. 1. n. 2. s. 755. pp. 105-106,

According to the model and plans, the large columns are to be coated with black lacquer; their pedestals or shaft mouldings and capitals, which are decorated with foliage, are to be gilded and supplemented with black; the remaining listels and carved items on the wall, the area between the columns […] are to be gilded together with the pedestals and surface ornamentations […] Both apostles and the four evangelists, as with all of the ornamentation, are to be gilded, except for bare body parts, which are to be coated with flesh tone; the field on which the name of His Royal Majesty stands is to be painted blue, the name completely golden, and the wreath of laurel is also to be made golden, and to be lacquered with green; the upper pedestal [level?] with five fluted columns must be gilded and lacquered, together with its ornamentation and pictures immediately below it, with all of its pieces. The lower panel must depict the Last Supper and the upper panel must be of a semicircular shape and depict Christ’s crucifixion, and these paintings must be painted using good paints.

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