The Sculptures


Figures that were approximately one metre tall stood at the sides of the original painting on the theme of Calvary: Moses on the left and John the Baptist on the right. The statue of Christ the Invincible was the figure at its top and it was supported by a large socle with a putto head. Angels proclaiming glad tidings on both sides of Christ seconded him. Each angel held a trumpet in one hand while gesturing towards the coats-of-arms of the donors with the other.

Ackermann applied his previous work experiences and skills in carving the retable figures Christ, the angels, as well as Moses the Prophet and John the Baptist – creatively developing his skills further.

Figures of angels illustrated the Book of Revelation by John the Apostle: ‘…and loud voices were heard from heaven: the Kingdom of the World now belongs to our Lord and his Christ’ (Rev. 11:15).

3 years ago